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Vi har jobbet profesjonellt med trening og rehabilitering av hest, tursikkerhet m.m. i en årrekke, som del av- og ved siden av studiene i England. Vi er nå i prosessen av å bygge opp driften vår i Norge, og bygge navnet vårt i miljøet her. Underveis har vi attester fra kunder vi jobbet med i England, samt for arbeidet vi har gjort til nå i Norge.

Attester: Tekst

Trym med sin fantastiske ro uansett hva hesten under han gjør i kombinasjon av svært god balanse har fikset problemene jeg hadde med min unghest som plutselig var helt gal på tur.. nå kan vi kose oss utenfor ridebanen med lengre tøyler :)
Ingerline har en god forståelse i utdannelse av unghest og vi har kommet langt på vei med hjelp av Ingerline som både har ridd hesten min og undervist oss.

Carina Gustavsen

Ingerline and Trym are both wonderful did a great job hacking my difficult horse during my first year at uni. Ingerline was also extremely helpful in getting me back into jumping after some time away due to pursuing Para-Dressage. It isn’t often that you can find a coach that understands how to adapt their work to make jumping accessible to para riders and also how to train horses to assist a disabled rider. I would highly recommend them both not just for their work with horses but also because they are lovely genuine people.

Daniel Olley

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ingerline and Trym at Equicare for the past 4 years and I can’t recommend their services enough. They are two of the most dedicated and passionate people I know and treat every clients horse as if it was their own. No ask is ever too big and a truly professional team.

Adam Gibson

I couldn't emphasize enough how grateful it was having my mare at Equicare during my time at uni. Trym and Ingerline are two very dedicated and trustworthy individuals that gave my horse a 5⭐️ care and optimal ground training program. I was able to notice a difference with my mares suppleness through her back and especially her confidence whist hacking out.

Nouf Almansoor

I would 100% recommend Equicare. I had the pleasure of having Ingerline as my trainer whilst she attended University in the UK. Ingerline is a super patient and friendly professional, and she helped me get my confidence back in show jumping after I had my confidence knocked down by my youngster (he refused to jump no matter what). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Beatriz Pedrosa

Amazing service, everything I expected & more! Will definitely use again! Thank you!

Emily Edwards

Definitely recommend. Took really good care of my horses at uni when I was home.

Rebecca Sim

Would definitely recommend! A knowledgeable, trustworthy service

Courtney Leek

Very helpful and knowledgeable service. Highly recommend

Amy Stitch

Attester: Testimonials
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